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ASC.MANAGER Water System

ASC.Manager Water System – it is a modular IT system with application tools for efficient and effective management, monitoring, design and operation of water and sewage networks and systems. The task of the ASC Manager Water System is to assist the strategic decision-making processes of the Water Supply and Sewerage Management Board in meeting the designated business objectives for municipal water supply and sewerage system.

The ASC Manager Water System consists of four operating modules (named: Operators) for which the following implementation objectives are set:

GIS Operator:

A service to create a digital database, make available and enable the use of GIS for the online management of water supply and sewerage infrastructures in municipal enterprises. By applying our solution, a water and sewerage company obtains access to a single centralized database of network assets through web browsers, which allows following:

  • provides up-to-date information about the location and features of the infrastructure
  • automation of data processing system
  • easy and fast exchange of information within the Company
  • permanent, easy and fast access to information irrespective of the geographical location
  • coordination and synchronization of processes and activities in a temporal and spatial context
  • simplify control over resources, processes, and actions
  • network performance simulation
  • planning and investment expenditures applicable to long term plans
  • The central database created is the foundation for implementing fully compatible modules for improved infrastructure management such as water loss monitoring, hydraulic modeling, and investment plan management