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Supplementary Services

Design and Project Management

We provide comprehensive services related to the design of communal infrastructure and building services. We offer complete project documentation for all types of construction, in all types of industries. We organize tender procedures and act as a project manager. Provision of our  design services are based on the close cooperation with Roger Preston Polska

Design services:

We offer design services for the following: water supply, sewerage, central heating, gas, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, fire, electric, computer, telephony, teleinformation, television, lighting (emergency, evacuation, interior, outdoor)

External services and utilities design for: thermal, gas, sewage, water supply, technological and specialized projects: gas heating plants, oil heating plants, heat exchangers.

In addition, we provide: author's and investor's supervision,  project management, preparation of costing documentation, reconciliation and approval of technical documentation, expert opinions and preparation of inquiries and authorization and verification of foreign projects.

Geodesy and Cartography

Our engineering and technical staff has been on the market for more than 30 years providing services to private investors, construction companies, design offices and public administration offices. Utilizing modern and professional measuring equipment and innovative information technology Aqua System Controls provides geodetic and cartographic services at the highest level.

Geodetic and cartographic services

Mapping for design and planning purposes in digital and analog form,
Situational-altitude measurements of the site,
Geodetic investment services, including performance measurement (post-deployment), post-inventory inventory, control measurements and performance,
Comprehensive geodetic handling of real estate management issues including division and consolidation of property, demarcation, resumption of property boundaries, legal status of real estate, mapping for legal purposes.

Protection of cultural heritage

Having an experienced research team, administrative and legal facilities and using professional research tools, including innovative data processing systems, Aqua System Controls guarantees the timely and efficient execution of procedures resulting from the legal regulations on the protection of cultural heritage necessary for the correct implementation of any construction process.

Cultural heritage protection services

Conducting archaeological research in the form of archaeological supervision, extensive excavation work, survey research and pre-emptive rescue research,
Preparation of the necessary documentation for the application for the permission of the Voivodeship Conservator of Monuments for restoration or restoration works or construction works at a registered monuments, construction works in the vicinity of the monument, conducting archaeological research, division of the immovable monuments, search for hidden or abandoned movable items, including archaeological monuments, using all kinds of electronic and specialized equipment including diving equipment.
Representation or advisory services to monuments protection authorities, including the preparation of appeals against the decisions of the authorities of the first instance in administrative proceedings and assistance in transferring decisions of the voivodeship conservator of monuments to another entity.
Obtaining recommendations, opinions and decisions of the authorities of monuments and instances defining the way of using the monument, its securing and carrying out conservation works as well as the scope of admissible changes that may be introduced in this monument and the scope and type of archaeological research required.
Advising on the preparation, updating, analysis and study of spatial planning, development strategies, programs for the care of monuments and monitoring their implementation.
Advising on the preparation of a public procurement for monument protection services.