19 June 2017

In May 2017, the Company became the official partner of the "Humanist - Trainee - Manager - Management of Cultural Heritage" project of the Faculty of Historical Sciences of the Nicolaus Copernic University in Toruń. The project is supported by the University under the Operational Program KNOWLEDGE EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT, Priority axis: III. Action: 3.1 Competences in Higher Education, Specific Objective: To raise the competences of people participating in higher education to meet the requirements of the economy, the labor market and modern society.

As part of the project, the ASC conducts traineeships for students of our faculty in Toruń, which aims to improve management competencies for people entering the labor market based on best management practices. The program enables you to acquire practical skills to pursue a profession, gain the necessary professional experience in independent and teamwork, collaboration and organization, time management and professional references.

Information about the project (in polish): www. powerwnh.umk.pl