29 maj 2017

W maju br. w informacjach szwajcarskiej firmy Geocom ukazał się artykuł dotyczący naszej Spółki. Poniżej zamieszczamy jego tekst:

Software-as-a-Service: GEONIS

While consulting water and waste water companies in Poland, the need for using GIS technology helping them to improve their processes and ease the legal obligations, became more and more obvious. The difficulty, however, was that most companies in the sector are rather small, have limited budgets and IT specific services are often outsourced.

Geocom’s partner in Poland, Aqua System Controls (ASC-Polska) is a rather young company with head-quarters in Torun. The company provides a wide range of consultancy services, in particular addressing the water and waste water business. Their employees have a long track record in the water business, thus have a thorough understanding of the processes and needs of the business.

In 2016, ASC-Polska elaborated a business model that gives small and mid-size companies access to professional GIS technology by offering business-tailored web solutions to their water and wastewater customers. The “software as a service” model itself is not new, but the services provided by ASC-Polska are versatile and pretty unique for the water and waste water business in Poland. Besides a GIS based asset management solution that enables the customer to document and maintain their water and or waste water network infrastructure, they also provide extended services to perform hydraulic calculations, financial services like a billing system and more.

The solutions from Geocom, GEONIS Water and Sewer System, are based on the latest ArcGIS technology from Esri and build the heart of the system. The GIS web client is map.apps from con terra. Hydraulic calculation services are provided by Mike Urban from the company DHI.

More information about the offered services can be found on ASC-Polska’s website.

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